01 December 2008


If you did not know it, today is World AIDS Day.   Today is a day to pray, hope, give, love, touch, and remember.  For me especially, today is a day to remember. 

My status on Facebook has been about remembering today. I commented on a friend's blog post about World AIDS Day as well (http://soulache.posterous.com/).  And several people have sent me prayers and love.  See, 15 years ago my dad died of AIDS.

But the comments just feel strange.  I appreciate so much everyone's kindness, but I want to tell each of them - don't pray for me.  I'm fine. I loved my dad, he loved me, I miss him, but I have a wealth of wonderful memories that will last me forever and that ease any sadness I might have. I have the blessing of time that eases hurt. I have the peace and assurance that my dad no longer hurts so badly like he did 15 years ago. I have the faith that I will see him again.

What I really want to tell everyone is to pray for the others. Pray for the hurting. Pray for those who are suffering now. Pray for their families. Pray for people to love them and care for them and not make them feel ashamed. Pray for the doctors and researchers and nurses and Hospice workers. Pray for the little kids who have lost/are losing parents who do not yet have the benefit of an adult perspective to make things ok.

Pray that all of us will not forget how important this is. 

See, I guess 15 years later I forget a lot. I think about my dad and our relationship and who he was, whole, healthy, complete.  I don't really think about AIDS the way I did when I was so much younger, even in college. I was so profoundly affected by it then, but life has continued forward and the memories remain but the passion for the cause has taken a back seat to everyday life.  

But what happens if everyone lets this happen? That's a dangerous thought.

So pray that apathy does not set in. Pray that we will remember the loved ones we've lost but not forget to do something about the disease that took them.

Remember World AIDS Day is December 1, but we can make a difference every day.