31 December 2007


What a belly, huh?? I'm scheduled to go in for induction on the 3rd if Liam has not arrived beforehand. They don't want him to get too big. Me either!!! I'm not happy with the idea of induction, however. Too much medical intervention for me. I would much prefer to go into labor on my own and let things take their natural course, but I guess I'd rather be induced than have to have a C-section because of a 10 pound baby or something. On tomorrow's schedule....spicy food, lots of walking, jumping jacks if necessary!!!!

Also for your viewing pleasure...hee hee..me in my pajamas on Christmas!!

A New Start

I had planned on starting this blog in March 2007. I've had 2 posts in draft status since then, but the next week after I set up my new blogger account, I received news that changed my life forever. 9 months later..I'm trying again!

I had planned on blogging through my pregnancy as well. Ha. Ha. Ha. Over the last 9 months my life has changed so drastically that taking time to type out my thoughts and publish them for others to read has been impossible. But now, on the last day of 2007, all I have is time. While I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting, I might as well give this blog a shot again, and get a head start on blogging my new son's life. If he'll EVER get here, that is!!

So for all of my friends out there who might be reading these words, here's a little recap. I found out I was pregnant in early April. In August my husband Brian started his Masters in Divinity. In October we moved to Shelby, NC. In November Brian had to have his appendix out (!!) And now, December 31, 2007, I'm 1 day past my due date. It's been a crazy year!!

If I seem a little impatient to only be 1 day past due, it's probably because our son, Liam David Gregory Samples, weighed approximately 8 pounds at our last ultrasound....2 weeks ago. Heaven knows what the boy weighs now! We got a digital camera for Christmas - YEAH!! - so I can finally send out some pictures of my huge self for my far-away friends to see.

Anyway, the point of these little ramblings in the future: my musings on life, family, faith, and new motherhood, hopefully to give my friends a smile and a good laugh as I learn!!