25 May 2008

AWESOME contest!!!

If you look over to the left, you will notice a button for the coolest blog giveaway I've ever seen. The blogging mommy at An Ordinary Life (see link lower on page as well) is giving away a DYSON VACUUM CLEANER. Which is just about the best vacuum on the planet. I know I'm entering for the chance to win - why don't you all go hop on over and check it out too!!!

08 May 2008

MomOktdid (from Thoughts, Ponderings, Musings) says that she cannot click on any links on my blog...I want to know if any of the rest of you have this problem, too...but if you cannot click to comment, how can you tell me? Ha!! I'm working on this!!

In other news, Liam went for his 4 month well baby checkup today, meaning that he had to have the next round of immunizations. FOUR shots in his chubby little baby thighs. It's heartbreaking. Both times he has gotten shots the nurse has made the comment that he would grow up to be a singer, because each time he has cried so hard that he was holding his breath for what seems like an eternity. The initial pained shriek is followed by a gulp of air that he just cannot seem to let go of, so he holds on, and on, and on, until you almost have to remind him to breathe again. What killed me this time is that he has lost a lot of the "baby" sound to his cries, and now he sounds so much like a little boy, with sobs and sniffles and gulps. Big tears roll down his face and he buries his nose in my shirt and hangs on to me and I could sob right along with him. Everyone told me it would be rough, but I had no real clue. He's sound asleep now, completely worn out from this morning.

I guess he has been pretty tired out a lot lately, because this past weekend my stepmom drove up from Florida with my grandmother and my nana. Nana and Grandma had never seen Liam before and spent the weekend doting on him, which he loved but which also exhausted him. He slept like a rock at night while they were here!! Liam has 4 great-grandmothers, 2 great-grandfathers, 3 grandmothers, and 2 grandfathers. Talk about spoiled!! It was really neat for him to get to meet his grandmas finally. I grew up surrounded by grandparents (obviously) and they are a very special part of my life, so I really hope that my son will be able to have the same in his childhood. I had a neat realization this weekend concerning my Nana - her oldest great-grandson is 21 years old, and Nana is 77. It's very possible if my cousin gets married and starts a family that my Nana could live to see her great-great grandchildren. We actually have a photo of this particular cousin with his great-great grandmother, Nana's mother, who I called Grandy. It amazes me to see all of the generations that have come from what started out as a marriage between two kids (Nana was 15 and Papa 16) 62 years ago. Amazing!

Ok. So, none of this was what I actually came here to blog about. I'm not sure I remember what the original thought was anymore. This is just one of those random thought days, I guess!!! If I remember my original intention, I'll come back. Until then!!

01 May 2008

Random Things!!!!

Ok, so Marcy originally tagged me to do this in February, and it has taken me until May to get it done, but I'm finally going to post the random things list! FINALLY! I promised that I would!

So here goes, 10 random things about me:

1. I hate to have dirty hands and feet. I especially hate to get food on my hands, so I use utensils for strange things sometimes just to avoid getting my hands dirty. I also wear flipflops around to keep the soles of my feet from getting things on them (this talks about the state of my floors, too, haha!!) and will wash my feet before getting into bed if I feel like they have gotten dirty.

2. My favorite TV show is Ghost Hunters. I'm fascinated by "ghostly" or "supernatural" things and love to watch the shows where they actually find paranormal stuff. But I know also that if confronted with such a thing in real life I would be completely terrified - I'm scared to death of "ghosts" and can creep myself out enough with my own imagination!

3. I have a slight obsession with The English Patient, the book and the movie. The title of my blog is actually a line from the film.

4. I'm a tea drinker. I'm addicted to sweet iced tea. Just. Can't. Quit. But also, a cup of hot tea is one of my favorite comforts.

5. I used to play the harp when I was in high school.

6. I "co-sleep" with my baby. Yes, Liam sleeps snuggled between Brian and I. HIGHLY controversial topic, this. But...I sleep. Enough said.

7. I have moles on the back of my left hand that form a perfect triangle. When I was a kid I pretended it gave me magic powers.

8. I generally get cold if it is under 70 degrees. I never used to be this way. Guess I'm getting old.

9. I can type over 100 wpm, but I make too many mistakes.

10. The first diaper I ever changed was in the hospital with Liam, and he peed all over me, the bassinet, and the floor!

This random thing list, and reading a few other blog entries lately has gotten me to thinking about some things I would like to learn to do. I really have spring fever - I want to get outside, I want to create things, I want to learn something new. So instead of tagging anyone else to create a random list, I'm posting a list below of things that I'd like to learn or improve, and I'm curious to hear from anyone who reads - what are some things that you would like to learn to do, or improve on that you can already do??

My Goals to Learn:

1. Html/web design
2. Knitting/crocheting/quilting
3. Better photography
4. Cooking
5. Gardening
6. Piano