26 February 2009


I've mentioned before that my son has an apparent fondness for the taste of Dove soap. Well, he has grown so fond of it, in fact, that I've had to begin hiding the soap from him. Unless I'm actively washing him, the bar of soap is put out of his hungry little reach. Tonight, I slipped. I forgot and left the soap on the edge of the tub, and before I could retrieve it he had taken a mighty chomp and started chewing.  He scoffed at my admonition that "we don't eat the soap, Liam" with a hearty "MMMMM-MMMM!"  Which made him cough. And sputter.

At which point he gazed at the stream of soap bubbles pouring down his chin and onto his chest, proudly announced, "BUHH-BLE!!" and started splashing with glee. 

Yes, son, when you eat soap, you can blow lots of bubbles.

13 February 2009


I toyed around with changing my template, and now look what I've done! Blogger has eaten my blog lists and all my lovely links are missing. I will set out to fix this very soon, and will return also with some fun updates. Tbc...