12 July 2008

Now Playing..

I've finally updated my books, and also my now playing list. Brian got me the new Jhumpa Lahiri book for my birthday (thanks honey!!) and so I'm saving it for the beach, but it has moved off of my wishlist. Regarding the now playing...we watched the movie Across the Universe the other day. If you have not seen it or heard of it, it's a really cool movie that uses Beatles songs and tons of Beatles references. Brian is a big Beatles fan and could explain so many of the references that I would have totally missed otherwise. I did not grow up listening to their music like he did, so watching the movie made me realize just how little of it I know. I'm trying to catch up and learn some!

11 July 2008

A Night Alone

I'm sorry that it has been so long, my friends. Tonight is a rare night, so I'm taking some time to finally write again. Brian is chaperoning a lock-in at the church, and the baby is asleep, so I'm curled contentedly in bed with the laptop, listening to the quiet house and the crickets chirping outside. Brian cooked an amazing vindaloo last night, and my mouth is still suffering a little from eating the leftovers tonight for supper (ah, but a delicious pain)! It was actually so hot that he could not finish his supper last night, and my esophagus burned for several hours afterwards. I love Indian food.

So much has been happening here lately! Liam has turned six months old, cut two teeth, started solid foods, started (and stopped) sleeping through the night (lovely teething), and is trying desperately to crawl. I promise to post some pictures tomorrow, but do not have them saved to the notebook to post now.

What I really came here to say tonight though is that I'm going to attempt to make some changes to this blog over the next few weeks. When I originally set out to start blogging I had something different in mind. Beginning in childhood and then especially for several years of my life during and after college I used to journal obsessively. I'm not really in the mindset to do that anymore (and really do not have the time!) but I would like to have that outlet somewhere. I also used to consider myself a decent writer. I have not practiced that craft in years - since college, and we will not have a discussion on this blog about how long ago that was. But I've written poems and stories for as long as I can remember, and I do not want to lose that part of myself completely. So. I may not succeed, but I'd like to turn this blog into more than just random commentary on the baby every month or so. I'm going to make an attempt to post much more often as well. Like I said...success is not guaranteed, but I'll give it my best shot.

Having said that, next week Brian and I are helping out with VBS (Bethany, Brian is leading the music - any tips?) and the week after that we're going to the beach with the Samples clan. So possibly all of my ambition may have to be put on hold for two weeks. I'm going to try to smuggle the notebook to the beach and sneak off while Brian's sister plays with Liam (yea for family members to hold the baby!!) but no promises.

Prepare yourselves, though, for a barrage of blogging, possibly even tonight - yippee! I've got tons of stuff on my mind. For now, at least, off to browse all the other blogs that I never get the chance to read. I hope Brian is having as much fun chasing the kiddies at church as I am here!