29 May 2009

Help A Mama Out

Quick question for you all (mamas, babysitters, people who are otherwise brilliant with children, etc....).

What did your kids eat for snacks at around age 18 months? Or, what suggestions do you have for healthy, yummy, creative, toddler-friendly snacks?

We're running out of ideas and getting a little bored around here with our regular snack times and I'm looking for new ideas!

I know my *many* loyal readers (snicker) all either have kids and/or love cooking so I thought I'd ask you all first!


UPDATED: I'll take meal time suggestions, too, not just snacks!


Andy's Bethy said...

wow - 18 months old seems like a really long time ago. I think that my boys ate a lot of fruit, and crackers and cheese at that age. Which is all really boring. Of course, that is what they still eat. I'll try to think of something more creative...

Allison said...

Not a mother but since being a nanny I do feel as though I was one ;) Lulu wasn't even 2 when I started au pairing for the Hakkaarts but she L-O-V-E-D apples and peanut butter! Still does...don't know if you'll take this advice since I've never birthed a child nor have a significant other but I do feel I have enough experience to pretend I've been a mum.

Carrie said...

I am with Bethany! My baby is about to turn FIVE and 18 months seems so long ago! I am sure we did the same, crackers, cheese, fruit, the ever dependable "goldfish" crackers. Also dry cereal and both of my kids LOVED the Gerber puffed "fill in the blank" snacks..like the sweet potato puffs or apple puffs. Love all that new toddler food from Gerber. Oh yeah, and YOGURT!!!!!! Mmmmm!

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